Are you ready to begin your journey to a happier, healthier you from the comfort of your own piece of Windsor real estate? At, we give you advice on how to find a trainer who can work with you that applies not just to the big city, but everywhere else as well. A personal trainer can give you the advice and the motivation you need to meet your fitness goals, whether those are just staying in shape or achieving some loftier purpose.

Of course, a trainer isn't all you need in order to achieve these goals. If you have hired a trainer to come to your house and help you get fit, you also need equipment to work with. The problem is that we all have different types of homes to work in. A five bedroom home with a large basement in Mississauga will have more space for equipment than a Tip Top loft in downtown Toronto.

That means it is important to start with the basics when you are looking for great fitness equipment for your Port Perry real estate home workouts. It has to be able to work all the parts of the body you need to focus on, and at the same time be compact enough to leave room in the rest of your house.

We will start out with cardio equipment. With the cold weather so common in Canada for so much of the year, it is important to have cardio equipment in your home so that you can work out year round. These days, ellipticals are popular for people living in Forest Hill homes because they offer a great cardio workout without a lot of the impact common to indoor cardio equipment.

On the other hand, treadmills continue to enjoy popularity with people living in smaller space, such as Toronto condos, because unlike ellipticals they can be folded up. Fold up treadmills can be taken out when your personal trainer arrives, and put away when she leaves, so that they take up much less floor space in your home. They are great for those looking to set up workout spaces in condos, lofts, and smaller basements. But keep in mind that running on a treadmill means running the risk of impact injuries, so talk to your personal trainer about your personal needs before buying one.

Weight lifting is another essential part of exercise, and presents a problem for the person constructing a home gym. The all in one machines are great, but not many of them are compact. Most require a lot of space and like ellipticals, they cannot be folded down. What's more, they require a lot of effort to set up, and if you are planning on moving any time in the future you will have to take it all down and set it all up again. Free weights might be a better option for you, along with a small bench, if you live in a smaller space.

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