Budget Fitness

In this day and age, the word fitness conjures up images of exclusive gyms, dedicated personal trainers, and workout machines that cost thousands of dollars. However, if you're up to your neck in debt from buying waterfront condos Toronto, you probably can't afford a gym membership or an exercise machine or the exorbitant wages of a personal trainer. That doesn't mean you can't get fit, however. People were exercising long before it became trendy. Here are some ways to get exercise on a budget.

Walk or Run

Walking is the most basic form of exercise and it doesn't cost you anything at all. Start your get fit program by talking a family walk around the neighborhood after dinner or walking down to the architect's to see your house plans instead of driving. Running is easy, too. Just put on your sneakers, stretch, and go jogging in your neighborhood or in a nearby park.

Bike to Work

Most people have bicycles, even if hardly anyone ever rides them. If you don't have a bicycle, you can easily buy a second hand one cheaply from someone who never rides theirs. Biking from your Etobicoke real estate to your job will not only give you a lot of great cardiovascular exercise, but it may even be faster than waiting in your car for the lines of snarled traffic to move inch by inch. All you need is a helmet and a bike, no fancy outfits or accessories.

Follow a Program

For people who prefer to exercise in the privacy of their North York condo, there are exercise videos. There are videos to suit any activity level, from the high impact Tae Bo and Zumba programs to low impact Pilates and yoga. You can buy them at the store or rent them for free from your local library. If you tune in at the correct time, you can even follow a television exercise program. They usually air on cable channels in the early morning.

Play a Sport

If you find these forms of exercise too boring, why not take up a sport? You can play sports like soccer and basketball with your own kids there in the yards of your Vaughan townhouses. Or you can join a community league and play sports such as hockey, rugby, baseball, and soccer. Joining is usually free or accompanied by a small administrative fee, which can sometimes be covered by your team's fundraising efforts.

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